About Loovus Dzevavor

What happens when former supermodel, Vikeejeah Xevion, discovers she has a wealthy European socialite half sister? Fashion magic! The two dynamic women had a meeting of the minds and decided, despite their volatile relationship, to collaborate on their mutual love of fashion. Designer, Vikeejeah, and silent partner, Loovus, opened their own fashion brand in March 2012. Originally a formal, couture and runway hair brand, Loovus Dzevavor has branched out into cosmetics, shoes, accessories and mesh apparel. Loovus Dzevavor aspires to provide modern, vibrant and chic design for the virtual fashionista and challenges the ideas of conventional everyday casual. Providing products for head to toe styling allows our customer one stop shopping that is bold colorful and confident. The woman who wears Loovus Dzevavor aims to be seen and has a clear sense of style. Our VIPs show their style everyday through our Flickr group and are spoiled monthly with custom gifts. The coming years will mean growth and expansion for the brand, including a men’s collection, spokes model contest and much more. Loovus Dzevavor will evolve as all brands do but one thing will always be the same, we will never create items we do not absolutely love and wear ourselves. You can always count on LD to give you what you need!


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