Loovus FW2014 Collection at PENUMBRA

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Loovus Dzevavor is now simply Loovus. With the streamlining of our brand, comes a more sophisticated approach to our signature style. We’re embracing more solid vibrant colors with rich hues while focusing more on silhouette and everyday style. Our accessories are also great go-tos with the introduction of our all new signature stilettos (for SLink high feet). All shoes from Loovus will be for SLink high mesh feet only. We love the chic elegance of a high heel, which not only speaks to our brand, but also the discerning customer we wish to outfit.

Loovus FW14 Collection ad 3 Loovus FW14 Collection ad 1

Our entire fashion house is thrilled to bring you this collection, and we look forward to seeing you at our show this Friday, September 19th, at 3pm SLT. PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter Fashion Week has been amazing so far! We can only hope that you will enjoy our show and continue to support Loovus as we move forward with this collection (available at PENUMBRA Fashion Week’s Retail Space), our upcoming couture line, and a new main store coming very soon. Thank you all again for loving LD.

LD FW14 Collection ad 4 Loovus FW14 Collection ad 2


The Loovus Design Team


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