Monochrome moment

Loovus Dzevavor Updates

Today we go monochrome featuring the new debut collection by Blac for Loovus Dezevavor.Life is not always black and white but if you want to be in trend anything with a black and white pallet streamlined silhouette or graphic print is getting you the chic girls seal of approval.PeepMe Jacket and Scanned pants is available for a limited time at a discount price at Designer Showcase event,after this event the outfit will be sold separately as pants and jacket.The gowns are available now in the NEW mainstore.The Incline gown (second picture) is hard to capture it s beauty in a photo believe me it shines as you move using the new technology of fitted mesh and materials,you will fall in love with it for sure.The Tuxedo gown got my attention because of the nice contrast lines and how formal can be so chic and outstanding.

Deborah Vos

Pants and jacket – .::LD::. PeepMe Jacket & Scanned Pants new @ Designer Showcase

Available at Designer Showcase event

Gown – .::LD::. BC Incline Gown new @ Loovus Dzevavor NEW location

Incline gown

Gown – .::LD::. BC Tuxedo Blac Gown new @ Loovus Dzevavor NEW location

Tuxedo gown


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