The Blac Collection

Loovus Dzevavor Updates, New Apparel Releases

Yes!!! Black!!! Noir!!! Obsidian!!! Ink!!! Onyx!!! Ebony!!!

The brand known for color and print has done a monochrome collection in honor of our 2013 spokesmodel, Blac Quartz!

LD Blac Collection ad 2

Loovus Dzevavor has been a brand of bright color and bold print since 2012. With the Blac Collection, we wanted to show that we could be versatile while maintaining our brand identity. Blac Quartz, our first spokesmodel, was the muse behind this collection. Before she became our spokesmodel, she was a basic black kind of woman. She loves monochromatic style, so in honor of her departure as our spokesmodel, The Blac Collection is her legacy manifested into a twelve piece collection of gray-scale and print with a sleek, chic sophistication indicative of Blac Quartz herself.

LD Blac Collection ad 1

You can find the collection at TREMPE HQ right now, and at our new flagship store April 1st.



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