Screen Siren: Josephine

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While Josephine Baker was more of a stage performer than an actual screen siren, she is none the less one of my favorite women who have ever been in entertainment. She did it all before the Tina Turners, Janet Jacksons and Beyonces of the world were ever even though of. She also adopted more children than Angelina Jolie (lol). I have always admired her since I was a little girl, and with this being Black History Month, I instantly chose her as my muse for the Screen Siren Event hosted by Finesmith. Rather than make her famous banana costume, I decided to simply give a nod to it while maintaining a modern POV in presenting what I feel would be a great stage piece for her. I hope you love it and I hope you will support the Finesmith Muse Screen Siren Event.

LD Josephine Gown ad


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