MiVi Bday Mini Collection

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A happy birthday for me means sharing it with all of you! Miaa Rebane and I are making an annual thing of doing mini collections on our shared birthday. This time, we’re joined by fellow blogger, fashionista, and Scorpio, Thalia Heckroth for a Jeremy Scott inspired 5 piece collection we’re sure you’ll get your life from!

MiVi by LD ad


Loovus Dzevavor is back with a mini collection in honor of the birthday I share with a very special friend. Miaa Rebane and I were born on November 5th and have somehow found one another in this virtual world. We also share a love of fashion in common as well as all things creative. Our mutual friend, Thalia Heckroth is also a Scorpio baby, so we invited her to share in this awesome ad for the MiVi Bday Mini Collection 2013. I hope you enjoy it on behalf of Scorpios everywhere.

Inspired by Jeremy Scott, this 5 piece collection feature 3 complete looks. Price range is from 84L the year I was born) to 115L (11.5 being Miaa and My Birth Date). You can also purchase the entire collection for 584L. This collection will be available all month long at our SaliMar location.

*Special thanks to William Weaver for set and lighting


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