Mad About Fashion

Loovus Dzevavor Updates, New Apparel Releases, VIP Group Gift

It’s no secret that I am a fashionatic! Not sure that’s a real word, but you get what I mean. I love fashion, art, design, anything creative. As an ode to the world of that which I love, I created this high, low dress for my VIP group members this month. M.A.F (or Mad About Fashion) is a fabulous weekend casual chic strapless dress featuring a pattern on pattern print as well as a fabulous mural style train and Louboutinesque red lining. Join the group to get this dress, along with every single gift from 2013. It’s worth every Linden to be a LD VIP. Wich December just one month away, you don’t want to miss a thing! Visit our SaliMar or Glam Resort locations to get your VIP fix!

LD M.A.F Nov. GG


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