Haenyeo [AAWFW2013]

Event Exclusives, Loovus Dzevavor Updates, New Apparel Releases

Haenyo means mermaid in Korean. Our haute couture exclusive for AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013 was inspired by the ocean, and what more beautiful mythical creature to be the muse than a mermaid? The gorgeous teal, deep blue and royal purple colors are harmoniously combined with gold and silver nano mesh stud options to add a touch of modern edge to this stunning garment. The rigged mesh peplum is optional, allowing for versatility and ease of posing (always looking out for my fellow models). Haenyeo is now available at our SaliMar Location so don’t wait a second to get this fabulous gown!

LD AFWFW2013 Haute Couture ad small

Very special thanks to Citta Wiskee for bringing my vision to life through this fabulous ad. And thank you very much to Blac Quartz for being the best spokesmodel a designer could ask for. You continue to go above and beyond your title’s duties and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to have you in my corner. xoxo


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