50% Off SALE @ SaliMar

Loovus Dzevavor Updates

The following designs are 50% Off  until the unveiling of our 2013 Fall Collection (October 15th).LD Envolver Dress Ad Loovus Dzevavor SaliMar Exclusive ad

LD LV-esque Ensemble TCD Excl. ad LD Major Danger Zone Dress Advert LD Major Bangladesh Dress TCD Ad LD Major Traveled Pumps Ad Final LD Major Stingray Advert LD Major Abi Peplum Mini Advert small LD Hair  Dali Advert LD Hair  Cornucopia Advert LD Hair  Cirque Advert LD Hair  Cassie Advert LD Hair  Buzz! Advert LD Hair Major Beret Advert LD Hair Fungi Chapeau Advert LD Hair Divolicious Advert LD Hair Capped Advert LD Hair Big ol' Bun Advert









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