Limited Bazar at EUPHORIA Exclusive

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This month, Limited Bazar at EUPHORIA is gearing up again with a theme of black. Who doesn’t love the versatility of black. It’s iconic. It will remain a staple in fashion forever. That is why I chose to use black as an accent color for Loovus Dzevavor’s contribution to the bazar this month. Venettaesque is a hand painted sheath inspired by the spring collection 2013 of Bottega Vanetta. It features a surreal interpretation of florals on a beautiful nude linen background with black accents. This chic and sophisticated garment is perfect for tooling around the grid in style. And at just 150L, it’s a huge bargain. only 100 copies will be sold and you only have the month to purchase it. Visit Limited Bazar at EUPHORIA today starting at 1pm SLT to get your copy!

Loovus Dzevavor Venettaesque Dress ad for Limited Bazaar at Euphoria


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