The Men All Pause…

Blogger's Corner, Styles by Blac

“I know I was lookin’ good, I had my Decadent Booties on
My Loovus Dzevavor blue cotton skirt, My nails were done and my hair was Fierce!”

As soon as I completed this styling, the 80’s group Klymaxx song lyrics started playing in my head, and I immediately knew this outfit was meant to be showcased, and where is the best place to see and be seen?
In The Club of course.


“I was at home feelin’ sleazy
so I went down to the speakeasy,
As soon as my feet hit the door
I had all attention from the dance floor.” ~Klymaxx


Whew! I danced all night long, and let the sun beat me home, but now that I’m well rested, let me share what got me all those appreciative stares.

  • Loovus Dzevavor~Kerasia Noir Hair (modded)
    (2013 Spring Collection)
  • Loovus Dzevavor~Beaded Beauty Earrings Violet
    (2013 Spring Collection)
  • Loovus Dzevavor~Boheme Top 2 (2013 Spring Collection)
  • Loovus Dzevavor~Precious Cotton Skirt Monaco
    (2013 Spring Collection)
  • Loovus Dzevavor~Decadent Booties Rhapsody (In Stores Now)
  • Loovus Dzevavor~Irwin Pantone Satchel Honey (In Stores Now)

Additional Items:

  • DAMNED~Rainbow Eyemakeup
  • Blacklace~Kismet Dark Violet Lipstick
  • Mandala Anuttra Ring/Earth Metal Red/Purple
  • Mandala Sitennoah Bracelet White
  • DeeTalZ~Black Nylon Socks
  • Finesmith~Neonpink Nails

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