New Group & Giftie!

Loovus Dzevavor Updates, New Apparel Releases

With the re-opening of our flagship store, LD Major is celebrating with an inWorld customer group. In addition to our subscribe-o-matic and our VIP Group, I have created a more affordable in world group for my shoppers who would like monthly gifts and updates at a more affordable joining fee. This group is 200L to join and every month, you will get a gift worth over 200L exclusive to group members. This month’s gift is the Mollusk Dress. A boho style mesh dress with a familiar pattern. You may recognize this pattern from the OCEANIC Collection at our Secret Garden Boutique location. If you’re already a member, you will get the gift in group notices. If you’re joining today, you can find the gift and the group joiner at our front desk in the main store entrance. Happy shopping and have a wonderful weekend!

*Special thanks to Anna Sapphire for her modeling and photography talents.*


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