VIP Gift: September

Loovus Dzevavor Updates, New Apparel Releases

After an amazing response from Sydney Fashion Week 2012, I am feeling extremely generous and my VIPs are reaping the benefits! This month, the VIP gift is a set of beaded mesh ankle pants in 5 colors! The Bangin’ Beaded Clamdiggers were inspired by the Aboriginal Collection I created for SFW2012. They were the very first piece I designed. As the collection evolved, I decided to keep them for my VIPs because they were so fabulous! You can pair these pants with any color you like as they are all neutrals! Yes, I spoil my VIPs, because they are VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE! If you are not an [[LD]] VIP, it’s easy to remedy that. Simply head over to our Flagship Store and join our inworld group. Next to the group joiner is a bag full of all of our past VIP gifts, including this one! Total value of the gift bag is over 6,000 linden! All great quality items from makeup to exclusive hair fatpacks and more! Every month, my VIPs are given a gift over 750 linden in value. This is a great group that not only gets showered with gifts, but is also privy to sneak peeks of upcoming releases and the only group in which I cast models for my ads. If all of this sounds good to you, then join us ASAP!


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